Whereas most of the planet’s oceans are only 3% saline, the Dead Sea contains
33 % Salt as well as 26 different dissolved Minerals. Some of these are inured
to oxidation, while others are water soluble, making them easily absorbed by
the skin where they unfold their healing power.

While the nearby Mediterranean has about 0.03% magnesium, the Dead Sea offers
7-8% of this important Mineral – required by the body to stimulate the
metabolism with strong Anti-Stress and Anti-Aging components. Along with the
high Magnesium, the Dead Sea also has Calcium, Bromide and Potassium – all
necessary components to enhance beautiful skin and the overall health.

These Minerals are highly concentrated in the Dead Sea more than 10 times
compared to other oceans. Dead Sea Minerals, found in the water and the Mud
improve Blood Circulation and purify the skin, supporting the skin’s natural
moisture balance, removing impurities, leaving skin radiantly healthy.

Dead Sea Salt, extracted by natural condensation of the sea water, retains
its high concentration of minerals and trace elements. It is considered to
be the most precious source of health and beauty.